Signs of Pregnancy

Things you need to elude During Pregnancy.
January 17, 2009, 8:45 am
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Pregnancy is a time where you must use caution with yourself. You going to endanger your baby’s development. What ever you are, don’t smoke and dodge 2nd hand smoke. Caffeine in the coffee has been shown to affect fetal heart rates. If you can not stop straight away, try and stop gradually. The end of pregnancy and the start of the birth process is marked by rupture of the walls ( surfaces ) of the sac that holds the growing fetus and the amniotic liquid. Babies born prematurely face a lot of health risks : their undeveloped lungs don’t function correctly, they are highly at the mercy of infections, and they have problems nursing. In one study, girls with high diet intake of vitamin C were not as likely to experience Promenade than ladies with low intake. At least you consume 400-1000 micrograms of B vitamin ( folic acid ) which can be taken from leafy veggies, orange juice, and beans. Sara Jameson writes her experiences in “The Very Chuffed Pregnancy : Avoiding Stress and Depression. “Check this out pregnant videos and pregnant celebrities .


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