Signs of Pregnancy

Congratulations On Your 6Th Month Of Pregnancy!
May 14, 2009, 6:59 am
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Most women will lose anywhere from 10-14 pounds in the first two weeks of delivery. Some ladies might lose a little bit less, and others might lose a touch more. This fat is supposed to help girls store energy whilst breastfeeding. How quick this weight comes off will rely upon a number of factors including : genetics, your overall health, diet and exercise.

You should be expecting that it’ll take a little bit of time to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. Congratulations On Your 6Th Month Of Pregnancy.

You are now entering the second trimester, some mas find this the most cushty stage of pregnancy.

Your baby will gain weight due to muscle, organ and bone development.

Your baby may begin to make a response to noise outside of the womb.

You could be able to hear foetal heartbeat thru stethoscope.

Your morning illness should have eased and many women feel more energized and experience a general sense of well-being and happiness. Pregnancy first stages. You do not yet have the full weight of a maturing baby placing stress on your body so it is the perfect time for some relaxed exercise.

Try and get as much rest as you can because you will find it better to sleep now than in the later stages of your pregnancy. All ladies are dissimilar and experience varied physical changes that are completely standard during pregnancy.


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